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The Barenboim-Said Foundation in Collaboration with RFK Human Rights Spain

December 10, 2021
RFKSpain The Barenboim-Said Foundation in Collaboration with RFK Human Rights Spain

A three-concert tour in Andalusia this month led by master conductor, Pablo Heras Casado, was announced yesterday at the Maestranza Theater in Seville by the Barenboim Said Foundation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain collaborating.

The tour will also feature Miguel Colom, Concertmaster of the National Orchestra of Spain, as its soloist on violin.

The event was hosted by Patricia del Pozo, Minister of Culture and Artistic Heritage of the Junta de Andalucia, who highlighted the trust and generosity of the RFK Human Rights Spain Foundation in participating in this project.

She also commented on the importance of promoting these young talents by giving them the opportunity to perform the musical works alongside great international masters.

Maestro Heras Casado recalled that his birth as a musician was with the Barenboim Said Foundation, and he therefore wishes to give back part of what he received, and demonstrate how the work of these musicians who come here to train invariably produces positive results.

He also spoke of the importance of the choices made in this musical program in always looking for a good balance between the selected musical works.

María Díaz de la Cebosa, President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain and the international educational institution, CIS University, said that it is an honor for her to participate in this project, and that the Barenboim Said and RFK Spain foundations have a shared essence, the search for harmony and the dissemination of human rights through education.

She also pointed out that the alliance of the two foundations will help to create, through musical training and human rights education, a powerful and inspired citizenry, capable of building a more inclusive society that respects the individuality of everyone.

She closed by affirming that human rights are the cultural heritage of all humanity, and we must all strive to ensure that these rights are always fully respected and observed.