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RFK Spain

RFK Spain

We currently focus our efforts in three main areas: Human rights training for teachers, other educators, and the general public, human rights education for students from age five, through adulthood, and the play Voices from Beyond the Dark, based on Speak Truth to Power, a book written by Kerry Kennedy — primarily aimed at increasing public awareness of the importance of respecting human rights and social justice. The play has been performed in theaters the world over by professional actors, students from middle school and up, as well as by representatives of public and private institutions. Other short-term objectives of RFK Spain include projects designed to help immigrants, in addition to initiatives that contribute to gender equality, and much more.


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More About Our Programs

Teach Truth to Power

Our TTTP (Teach Truth to Power) program offers educators the training they need to successfully teach our human rights education curriculum, Speak Truth to Power, at their schools. We provide the necessary tools to implement the program, as well as lifetime support to ensure a positive experience and outcome now and in the future. We additionally offer this program to any member of the general public, as well as other public and private institutions, who express interest in comprehensive human rights education for themselves or members of the organizations the represent.

Speak Truth to Power

Our STTP (Speak Truth to Power) program is available in Spain in English or Spanish, and is designed for students from age five, all the way through adulthood. STTP has been in place in Madrid for a number of years, and our intention is to expand our implementation to many additional regions in Spain.

Voices from Beyond the Dark (The Play)

Voices from Beyond the Dark is a theatrical work created by Chilean-American playwright, Ariel Dorfman, and a fundamental part of our Speak Truth to Power program. The play is based on Kerry Kennedy’s book of the same name in which she conducted more than 50 interviews with human rights defenders around the world. The play has been done internationally on numerous occasions, including right here in Spain.

Student Leadership Council

Robert F. Kennedy Spain's mission is based on the preservation of the values in which Senator Robert F. Kennedy believed; the defense of human rights, social justice and the power of individual action.

We are committed to the values of peace and respect, promoting talent in children and adolescents, education in values, social cohesion and respect for the diversity of each people and each person.