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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain and Afundación

January 19, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain and Afundación to Collaborate on Human Rights Initiatives.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain has signed an agreement with Afundación, at its headquarters in A Coruña.

Miguel Ángel Escotet, President of Afundación, and María Díaz de la Cebosa, President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain, signed this agreement to establish a collaborative framework in which to facilitate the implementation of human rights awareness programs.

Both Afundación, and RFK Human Rights Spain, advocate for a deeper and more extensive knowledge of human rights in order to create a more just and peaceful society.

The programs both organizations will work to implement will be focused on education, social awareness, and inclusion.

The objective will be to organize workshops, conferences, courses, as well as awards to promote and recognize the work of human rights defenders, which will surely lead to additional focuses and initiatives.

The Galician community has already been made aware of this initiative through fairly extensive local news coverage.