Pelayo is an expert in Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programing, and Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. He is a coach, writer, child psychotherapist, educator, and psychopedagogist, in addition to currently being immersed in his doctoral studies in Psychology.  He has studied at several universities in Rome, Madrid and Salamanca.  However, his primary interest in coaching and education has enabled Pelayo to develop a pioneering work of scientific research, containing analysis reflected in one of the first of such articles ever written in Spain (2007) for the Spanish Association of Executive and Organizational Coaching (AECOP).

He especially stands out as a coach, academic adviser, lecturer, and writer. A committed philanthropist, he has authored a book titled “La Filosofía Del Dar” (The Philosophy Of Giving), which also lends its title to another of his works, a compilation of short writings in which he explains aspects of society from a values standpoint, ​​as well as how he himself achieved his own success.  Advertising agencies, various companies, and government agencies have used his writings for various campaigns.

His library of works is further complemented by two additional works “Mis Pensamientos” (My Thoughts), and “Un viaje de ida y vuelta” (A Round Trip), in which Pelayo addresses issues affecting humans such as love, family, friendship, values, etc., using short phrases that make sense of each of these important milestones, and thereby add yet another dimension to them.  His fourth work, “El primer Manual de Coaching Educativo” (The first Manual of Educational Coaching), has yet to be officially released.

His goal in life is simple and clear: to give back to society 200% of what he has received, and to that end he persistently and passionately collaborates with NGOs, associations, and foundations all over Spain, for which he always makes a special edition of each of his books, and in turn donates the entirely of the proceeds to such organizations, such as: Cruzada por los Niños (Crusade for Children), Arrabal Association, and People Foundation.

Pelayo Arango Lara
RFK Spain Board