Pelayo Arango Lara is an expert a writer, coach and educational advisor.

Born in Madrid but based in Valladolid, he is the author of four books: Mis Pensamientos (2014), La Filosofía del Dar (2016), Un Viaje de Ida y Vuelta (2018) and Manual de Coaching Educativo (2020). His forthcoming work, Y Si El Mañana Fuera Hoy (2023), will be published soon.

A staunch promoter of “The Philosophy of Giving”, he has dedicated his life to helping families in Spain, Latin America, and Africa, through financing the educations of marginalized children, as well as covering the costs of medical treatments necessary to save the lives of children with oncological, rare, or degenerative diseases.

His social and philanthropic work has transformed the lives of thousands of families throughout the world, through numerous cooperation projects, in addition to his collaboration with a multitude of NGOs, Associations, and Foundations nationally and internationally.

Currently, more than three thousand families that rely on his charitable work, and he is responsible for the awarding more than a quarter of a million euros over a decade’s time, a noteworthy and deeply appreciated legacy.

Pelayo Arango Lara holds a degree in psychology, a degree in pedagogy, and a degree in psychopedagogy from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, in addition to masters degrees in emotional intelligence, coaching, and research methodology of human and social sciences. He is an expert in N.L.P. (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Pelayo Arango Lara
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