Kerry Kennedy, global president of RFK Human Rights, visited RFK Human Rights Spain this month.

A number of events and engagements were organized in order to promote and inform the public about the foundation’s initiatives in Spain and, furthermore, to meet with students and teachers who currently participate in RFK’s human rights educational program, Speak Truth to Power.

Kerry Kennedy was joined and supported by members of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid: Ms. Rocío Albert López Ibor, Deputy Minister of Educational Policy, Ms. Mercedes Marín, Director of Innovation and Bilingualism, and Mr. David Cervera, Deputy Director General of Innovation and Training at Ramiro de Maeztu public high school. Members of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation in Spain, as well as teachers from the Community of Madrid also participated.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain offers comprehensive human rights education designed to empower teachers and allow them to give the tools that are necessary to in turn inspire and encourage their own students and while enabling them to speak up and take action when they see injustice.

Kerry Kennedy, along with the director of the RFK Spain, Anthony Verrecchio, presented a new online version of the program, and answered the questions from the audience.

Attendees were invited to engage in direct dialogue with Kerry Kennedy on the topic of her life’s work, human rights in a global sense, and offered the opportunity to learn more in terms of how the Speak Truth to Power program can be explored and addressed from the standpoint of essentially any subject taught at their schools.