Dr. William Schutz
STTP Coordinator

Dr. William Schutz earned his Doctorate in Higher Education at George Mason University. His doctoral dissertation was a mixed methods research study focusing on the impact of affective instructional interventions on student success in an English composition course. He also earned both his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in English at California State University. Additionally, Dr. Schutz holds a post-graduate certificate in Higher Education Administration from George Mason University as well as a CELTA certificate (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).

Dr. Schutz is currently the Director of the Center for Educational Enrichment and an English Professor and at the College for International Studies-Endicott International in Madrid. He works on issues related to the RFK Speak Truth to Power program including the implementation of STTP in the classroom, teacher training (Teach Truth to Power), and the coordinating of STTP programs. Dr. Schutz has approximately 20 years of teaching experience, has held numerous administrative positions, and has led a variety of educational programs.