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Virtual Debate

November 10, 2020
RFKSpain Virtual Debate 2
We participated in an encouraging, online debate with students from CIS Madrid – The College for International Studies last Thursday, November 5th. The topic was income inequality.
Karen Robinson, our STTP Program Director at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, offered her insights as the invited speaker. CIS students, parents, teachers, and staff were president, as were members of our RFK Spain team.
This particular event ended up being a perfect example of the importance of maintaining a civilized discourse with our fellow citizens, especially in times of great division such as our own. We are extremely proud of these young students and their ability to debate controversial themes in such a respectful manner. We can all learn from the high standards they set during this online interaction.
Special thanks goes out to Dr. Mairin Kelly and Professor Patrick Doherty for organizing the debate and for inviting us, and of course to all of the amazing students who participated. Many thanks to all attendees.