Barenboim-Said Foundation Concerts

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain participated in two Barenboim-Said Foundation "Music for Ukraine" concerts offered in Andalusia in December. Both institutions share a powerful common mission: defending human rights through education. As previously, RFK Spain Foundation has worked together with the Barenboim-Said Foundation to make this year's concerts, conducted by Nuno Coelho, a reality in [...]

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The Barenboim-Said Foundation in Collaboration with RFK Human Rights Spain

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A three-concert tour in Andalusia this month led by master conductor, Pablo Heras Casado, was announced yesterday at the Maestranza Theater in Seville by the Barenboim Said Foundation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain collaborating. The tour will also feature Miguel Colom, Concertmaster of the National Orchestra of Spain, as its soloist on violin. The [...]

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October 24th

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October 24th is a very important date for us. We took the very first step in terms of creating RFK Spain on this day back in 2018. Pictured in the included image: Michael Schreiber, COO of RFK Human Rights with Maria Diaz de la Cebosa, president of RFK Spain. This photo was taken after the official [...]

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Message from Kerry Kennedy

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To those who condemn the violence in our country today: We stand with you. We condemn the trafficking, rape, torture, and enslavement of Africans that reached American soil 401 years ago, that engrained anti-black racism still manifesting today in the structures of our society. We condemn mass criminalization that separates families and sends one in three black men to prison and where 60% of [...]

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