Carlos Stilianopoulos
RFK Spain Board

Carlos Stilianopoulos is the CEO and Founder of BEKA Finance, an institution that provides three primary services to its clients: asset management, investment banking, and capital markets.

He was previously with several other Spanish financial institutions: Banesto, Banco Santander, Caja Madrid, and Bankia. He has mainly dedicated himself to senior management roles in financial markets over the past 30 years. Carlos has advised and financed major financial operations carried out in Spain over several decades.

Carlos has additionally been a member of the Board of Directors of the following companies: Bolsas y Mercados (BME), Iberia, Indra, NH Hotels, and Deoleo.  He also been a member of several  international finance councils and committees such as the International Securities Management Association, International Capital Markets Association, the European Securities Network, and the European Securitization Forum, among others.

Carlos holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences from Richmond University.