RFK Spain

We fundamentally believe that education is the backbone of any prosperous society.

We recognize that children and young people are a tremendous factor in terms of ensuring a favorable collective future.

We work to build bridges and strive to strengthen existing ties between nations, organizations, institutions, and individuals to move toward reaching our common, true goals as a society.

We wish to include everyone.  It is in our best interest to involve and consider every member of our society — even those with whom we might disagree.

Our fundamental values are deeply rooted in democracy, collective social action, cooperation, and social justice; the foundations and strength of any democratic society depend on education, above all human rights education.  We work to engage the business community, as well as local governments to join us on behalf of the common good; collective action strengthens individual voices.  We connect civil society, businesses, and governments using our training programs designed to foster a respect for human rights by providing the tools with which everyone can defend them.

Our primary objectives are to ensure an increased number of citizens have a working knowledge of human rights concepts, to improve the overall situation of the greatest number of our neighbors as possible, and to facilitate collaborative efforts between the general population and the greater European community — especially in terms of education and awareness initiatives promoted and backed by its governments for the benefit of all citizens.