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A Special Invitation

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Dear friends, Our colleagues at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia have invited us to a very special online ceremony on the 10th of December (Human Rights Day).  RFK Italia will give awards and special recognition to Caritas Ambrosiana, The Italian Red Cross, and the Fundación Ospedale Bambino Gesù for their tremendous work during the pandemic. The [...]

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Virtual Debate

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We participated in an encouraging, online debate with students from CIS Madrid - The College for International Studies last Thursday, November 5th.  The topic was income inequality. Karen Robinson, our STTP Program Director at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, offered her insights as the invited speaker.  CIS students, parents, teachers, and staff were president, as were [...]

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October 24th

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October 24th is a very important date for us. We took the very first step in terms of creating RFK Spain on this day back in 2018. Pictured in the included image: Michael Schreiber, COO of RFK Human Rights with Maria Diaz de la Cebosa, president of RFK Spain. This photo was taken after the official [...]

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Online Conference – Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

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Many thanks to the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) for inviting Kerry Kennedy, global president of RFK Human Rights, to participate in their online conference, "The International Fight Against Hate Crimes. A Cross-sectional View. Derivations of the George Floyd Case." The conference took place last Thursday, October 8th, and was exceedingly interesting, relevant, and useful.  We hope [...]

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Speaker Series I (EN)

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We always try to offer as many online resources and opportunities as possible to teachers and students, especially in light of the current situation.  To precisely that end - today we launch a unique initiative in which students will directly interact with world leaders who are directly involved in defending human rights. This first session will [...]

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“Speak Truth to Power” Human Rights Annual Graduation at Brains International School

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Brains International School is one of our very first partners in terms of implementing our Speak Truth to Power human rights education program in Spain.  More than 550 of their students have participated thus far. Each year we hold an STTP graduation ceremony in order to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of students, teaches, and [...]

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Message from Kerry Kennedy

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To those who condemn the violence in our country today: We stand with you. We condemn the trafficking, rape, torture, and enslavement of Africans that reached American soil 401 years ago, that engrained anti-black racism still manifesting today in the structures of our society. We condemn mass criminalization that separates families and sends one in three black men to prison and where 60% of [...]

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Voces desde la Oscuridad

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RFK Human Rights Spain invites you to a performance of the play based on Kerry Kennedy's Speak Truth to Power book, which was written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Ariel Dorfman.  This Spanish-language performance will be done by students from CIS American University, and directed by Pablo Rosal Abascal via Zoom.  It will be possible to [...]

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